From paper files to electronic data storage, technology have had a tenfold rise in the past two decades and today, enormous amount of data can be stored into small boxes called "hard disk drives" with just a click of the mouse.  The standard back in the day were floppies which could store 256 to 512 kb (kilo bytes) of data and today the data storage capacity of a regular hard disk drive has gone up to 1 TB (Tera byte) which is equivalent to 1024 Giga bytes; translation: a lot of information.  Be it in terms of audio, video, software or documents hard drives can keep your information condensed and accessible.


Types of Hard Disk Drives


Internal hard drive comparison are of two types, one being internal which fits inside the CPU of your desktop PC or the body of the laptop, and the second being an external hard drive which can be connected to the computer externally with help of a USB cable or by other means (such as Wi-Fi).  A flash drive (known as a pen drive or USB drive as well) can also be considered as an external hard drive as it is connected to the USB port of the computer externally and can be detached after the desired data is transferred to or from it.


The latest addition to the external drives available in the market is the 1 TB External Hard Drive which can be used for the data storage functions as well as creating a backup of all important files on your PC. Available with USB cable connection and wireless technology as well, the 1 TB external hard drive has proven to be a revolutionary product in terms of electronic data storage and is currently a huge hit among both, tech buffs and regular PC users.  From students to professionals, personal to business all people from all avenues use external hard drives.  It's the safest and most secure way to store your digital assets.


Which External Hard Drive Brand To Go For



Currently, there are about two hundred companies that manufacture, distribute and market hard disk drive and related accessories & components, and more or less, all of them make external disk drives as well, however, there are a few brands for hdd that have been at the top and the preferred choice of consumers all over the world for as long as we have been using computers.